We are trees

Lectio magistralis: "Trees: form and substance", Francis Hallé (Université de Montpellier, FR)

"Arboriculture and society: trees as a tool of social control?”, John Parker (London Trees Officers Association)

Stories of trees

"The Oklahoma City Survivor Tree: witness to tragedy, symbol of resilience", Mark Bays (Oklahoma Forestry Services, USA)

Cultivating monumental trees

"The legislation for the protection of monumental trees in Italy", Angela Farina (Mipaaft)

"The importance of the quality of nursery material", Keith Sacre (Barcham Trees Plc, UK)

"Morpho-physiology to support good management, from new planting to the monumental tree", Giovanni Morelli (PAN srl, Spin-off of the University of Padova)

"Community policy for the management of monumental trees and forests", Kamil Witkos-Gnach (Instytut Drzewa, PL)




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